Lutong Pinoy, Earl’s Court, London

Kamayan is a Filipino way of eating with hands, usually with a base layer of rice laid on banana leaves with different meats and vegetables / salad. At this restaurant, if you want to eat kamayan style, you must book the meats that you want in advance and with a minimum of 4 people sharing….

Wall Street Pigalle, Paris

Every 100 seconds, a glass of rosé could be as little as €2.90 or up to €7!

Jersey Crab Shack, Gorey, Jersey (Channel Island)

I went to Jersey Crab Shack for a birthday dinner with my boyfriend and his parents. I remember the first time my boyfriend took me to the Jersey Crab Shack branch in St. Brelades and I remember just not being ready for my crab tacos. The tacos were soft tortilla and the crab was cold. It…

Las Iguanas, Stratford Westfield

My mum and I were so hungry once we got to Stratford, we headed straight to Las Iguanas. Downstairs on the other levels of stores, it was so busy but as we headed to the top floor of the food places, Las Iguanas seemed very quiet. There was a lady at the front desk who…

Couscous Darna

After my very filling lunch with Kaeshelle, we went back for some more revision and went for dinner. Before meeting, I had an idea that wherever we’d be eating for dinner, it would be with my tastecard as it’s close to expiring. I found Couscous Darna the night before and booked it with my tastecard…

Jamie’s Italian Gatwick Airport

I went to Tenerife with my boyfriend and his family and so before our flights we decided to have lunch together. We booked and I’m grateful that we did since it was so busy at the airport. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the Easter holidays or if it was because of lunch time….

First Impressions: Natto

What is it? Fermented Soy Beans. Usually eaten by the Japanese at breakfast over some steaming hot white rice. Some mix the white rice with raw egg too. It’s very high in protein. I bought it from the Japan Centre on offer from £2.55 to £1.76. £1.76 for four boxes of natto seemed a good…

Raison D’être

Ma raison d’être was definitely not Kaeshelle’s raison d’être.