Hi! My name is Winnie.

I love food, whether it’s cooking, learning or trying new things. I am part of a Baking Society where I try to challenge myself as much as possible, it gives me more of an excuse to try things that I normally wouldn’t do at home. I’m actually quite interested in food chemistry too. I try to keep an open mind to all foods. There’s nothing I hate more than very vocal people turning up their noses at what you’re eating or cooking, I am seldom put off by foods but I find that very off putting. I think it’s awfully rude if somebody were to compare something you were enjoying eating to something revolting or if somebody were to liken the smell to something unpleasant.

I’ve created this blog because I like taking pictures of food, my friends are under the impression that I like to eat and eat out a lot. I’d say the former is very true. I am usually approached for recommendations on where to eat and admittedly a restaurant never comes to mind easily and so I have created this blog. It’s to document my experiences so I remember for future references but also hopefully as a means of helping people make their decisions too.

I hope you enjoy reading, and feel free to drop a comment with your opinions, recommendations or any feedback, it’s all appreciated.

Thank you,