Gaucho, Canary Wharf

We were given a basket of bread with chimichurri sauce. Bread is always a nice addition, but this? Heaven in a basket! There was an array of breads. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just a normal basket of breads however it was warm (always a plus), fluffy and to my surprise, cheesy! Literal savoury nuggets of heaven. I actually went back for more, and in hindsight, I should have mustered enough self control to stop because I was so full towards the end of the meal.

I opted for the Tuna & Palmito Ceviche, Bife de Lomo, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. These were all obvious options however the people sitting closest to me managed to all order a different combination.

I thought that the flavours in the starter was well balanced. Admittedly, when it first arrived, I did think tuna and POMEGRANATE?!?! How does that work? But it did. The pomegranate added some sweetness and crunch to the perfectly salty and soft tuna.

I asked for the steak cooked medium rare and it arrived to my liking. It was tender and easy to cut. The meat had a good appetising colour on the outside, something that I never noticed myself being picky over until recently (there’s nothing I hate more than seeing a good piece of steak going to waste because it wasn’t cooked/prepared properly). The sides were good. Fries, always a winner when as crispy are they were. The corn (humita salteƱa) arrived baked with cheese encased in its husk. It was sweet, savoury and creamy. It was simply divine and just added another different dimension of flavour and texture when combined with the steak.

By the time we finished the mains, I really didn’t have space for dessert but it was included in our set menus. Nevertheless, I tried it. It was delicious, I loved having a little pot of pourable caramel to slather all over my cheesecake. Though, after a while it got a little too sweet for me, (there’s a pot of caramel sauce, chocolate, melted marshmallow and a cheesecake!) but it was just as well, I was too full to finish it anyways! It’s worth noting, I don’t have a big sweet tooth but this dessert would definitely go down a treat all those who do have a sweet tooth.

All in all, I absolutely would try Gaucho again, but not the Canary Wharf branch. The food was good. The food poisoning wasn’t. I dined here with twelve other people and we all had the group dining signature menu. This post is a bittersweet and confusing one, the post is generally a positive one however it’s definitely trumped by how some of us felt during and after the meal. Out of the thirteen of us, about four or five of us went home with food poisoning – a number too large to be a coincidence. I had a really good time during the meal and felt like the food was really delicious however it’s a shame the food hygiene let them down. I firmly believe that no matter how pushed you are for time, or rammed you are with orders, as a chef or somebody involved in the preparation of food to serve to others, you have a duty to adhere to and maintain food safety in the kitchen. I understand that this probably doesn’t happen often (especially in such a highly reviewed restaurant) which is why I decided to go ahead and post about what I thought about the food.

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