Luini, Milan

Amazingly high reviews, and highly recommended for the sought-after panzerotti, my friends and I headed to Luini after visiting the famous Duomo di Milano. Similar to a calzone however the only difference is that calzones are baked whereas panzerottis are fried. YES. 

Crowded but with quick moving queues,  I hurried to make my order of a prosciutto and mozarella panzerotti (€2.80). There were rows and rows of freshly fried sweet and savoury panzerottis displayed behind the counter. I waved my monzo card around only to be told “CASH ONLY”. Panic ensued. My friend and I had to leave to avoid holding up the queue. We scrambled for the loose change at the bottoms of our bags and eventually came back with enough to reorder.

The panzerotti was handed to me quickly and still hot. It was a crispy yet non greasy and light dough encasing a salty filling of prosciutto balanced out with creamy, gooey and stretchy mozarella cheese. Imagine a pizza but less of the calories, I mean, look at the size of it, it’s so small! This place did not have any seating, so like most of the customers, we just stood outside the store savouring each bite. It was a very simple but effective, hit-the-spot savoury afternoon snack.


Definitely stop off at this bakery if you’re visiting the Duomo, however it’s still worth making the trip to try this cheap and cheerful place. Remember to bring cash though!  There will be queues during meal times however don’t let this put you off as I found the queues moved very quickly and efficiently for there were many people serving behind the counter.

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