Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebab, Berlin

From both word of mouth and online reviews, this place supposedly had the best kebabs that Berlin had to offer. Not wanting to pass up this opportunity, we made the trip to this area especially. Also, it helped that Curry36 (another place we wanted to try) was next door. Kill two birds with one stone- or as much as my belly could handle.

You’d be excused for not noticing this place due to its plain exterior, except for the fact that there is always a queue for this place and the large revolving hunk of chicken doner at the window.  It is just a small unit on the pavement between a bicycle lane and a convenience store. This place did not have any seating, only allowing for food to be ordered and taken away. We took ours away and walked about 5 steps to a tiny grassy space next to the unit and sat there to eat our meal. 

There are not many options to choose from, chicken doner (3.90€), vegetarian doner (3.50€) and durum (c 5.10€, v 4.20€). After 50 minutes of queuing, and as someone who is very much omni, I couldn’t find any reason for choosing vegetarian over chicken. After a minute of ordering, lo and behold it was ready and beautifully presented, with a thick layer of chicken doner, feta cheese and a variety of vegetables sandwiched between crispy thick bread.

Chicken Doner 


The bread was buttered with some spicy paste before filling up. What I enjoyed about this kebab was actually the variety of vegetables. There were aubergines, potatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, courgettes, onions, unlike the salad that you normally get. I thought that everything complemented each other. The spicy being balanced well with the tangy and creamy feta cheese and cooled down with the plethora of vegetables and salad. The chicken was thin, tender and seasoned well. The usual connotations of a greasy kebab and the taste of greasiness decreased considerably with the vegetables and feta cheese. I decided to push the boat out and copied my friend who ordered ayran. It was a sour and salty yoghurty drink, which I washed down my meal with. Whilst it sounds strange, and received mixed reactions amongst my friends, I say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It tasted especially nice after the ‘greasy’ meal. 

All in all, this meal filled me up, it had the tasty meat and large variety of vegetables and a generous portion of feta! To all my friends and followers who asked if this place was worth the wait? YES. IT. WAS. 

Chicken Doner x 2

My advice? Get ready and comfortable for queuing and order some currywurst from Curry36 whilst you wait!

…and that’s a wrap (I couldn’t resist).

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