Steak & Co, Charing Cross

For my mum’s birthday, and to fulfil her desire to eat here, I reserved a table for 8:30. It took longer, but it was a Saturday night to be fair. When you walk in, you’re immediately hit with the smell of meat and the fat just sizzling.

Once we were seated, service was great, we were seen to quite quickly by a waitress named Paula. We all ordered different steaks, and you can choose a shake, butter and sauce to come with the steak, for free. There was quite a selection to choose from. I opted for fillet steak with sea salt and chilli flakes, red wine sauce and garlic butter and a side of mac and cheese.

The steaks arrived very quickly after, and Paula demonstrated to us how to cook the steaks with the shake and butter on the sizzling plates. I liked this because we could cook the steak bit by bit to our preferences whilst also ensuring the steak is still hot! The only downside is the plates imminently cool down meaning the later you leave it (or the more you record and take pictures of your steak), the longer it takes for the steak to cook. The red wine sauce was very thick and there was so much flavour packed into such a small volume.

Fillet Steak
Shake, Butter, and Sauce
Side of Chips

It was after a while when I realised they forgot my order of mac and cheese. When I told them, they bought it out shortly after. We didn’t think much of the mac and cheese, it didn’t really stand out amongst the steaks with all their shakes, butters and sauces. You know when you eat some seafood and you get some sand? Or when you eat something and chew on a large salt crystal? Well, as i got closer to finishing the mac and cheese, it felt like that. I chewed a bit more and then I thought wait, this mac and cheese has no seafood nor would it have large salt crystals because I didn’t find it salty… I spat it out and low and behold… it was the ceramic ramekin… I WAS CHEWING ON CERAMIC!!!!!  I felt so guilty that I gave my little brother some to eat. I’ve never brought food back to the kitchen before but if I didn’t, this ramekin would only get reused and somebody else would be chewing on it. When I told the waitress, her eyes widened and she said she needed talk to the manager.

Mac and Cheese
Chipped Ramekin
The ceramic pieces that came out of my mouthful

The manager came over to say he’s never seen this happen in his whole career at Steak&Co and apologised. When the bill came, my meal was taken off the bill because of the ceramic and a bottle of wine was taken off the bill because of the long wait. Whilst it wasn’t the ideal birthday dinner what with the wait and the ceramic, I can’t deny how good the steak was. I’m sure my experience was a one off, and I would still recommend their steaks, the cooking part is a fun experience!

Steak & Co. Shiraz

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