Sanukiya, Tokyo

Tired after a day of exploring, we opted for dinner nearby where we were staying. It looked nice and had many good reviews and all in Japanese, good signs.

Tired and extremely hungry, we sat down immediately and opened the menu. Our hearts sunk. It was all in Japanese and even our friend who knew the most Japanese was stuck. Not even the camera on google translate could help us. We were quite a distance from the centre of Tokyo, so it was unlikely any English speaking tourists would stop by here often. The waiter/chef was so understanding, he claimed he didn’t know much English, but he explained the udon section perfectly.

I opted the ebi tempura udon. The udon took so long I wondered if the waiter was outside picking the wheat himself to make it. But it was worth the wait. The broth was so simple, clear but flavourful. The udon noodles were cooked perfectly, not soggy and not hard. The tempura was crispy, not greasy at all and maintained crispiness throughout the meal. I can’t figure out how it didn’t turn really soggy (something I’m well accustomed to since I take ages eating!).

Ebi Tempura Udon


I slurped the udon noodles to my heart’s content, drank every last drop of the broth and left with my belly happy and full. Around £7 it was hands down, the best udon I’ve ever had- and I’ve had a lot!

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