La Bodega Negra, London

My friends and I waited outside along with other diners trying to sneak a peek not knowing what to expect. The flashing neon lights drew everybody’s attention. As the clock struck 6PM, the a head peered out of the door inviting us into the dark. A woman sitting in front of a shelf of porn magazines greeted us, taking out coats and bag to store in a cloak room. We walked excitedly down a long set of stairs into the restaurant.

We quickly ordered some Sunflower Tostadas with Guacamole to start with and then ordered several tacos to have between us. We ordered some Soft Shell Crab Tacos, Braised Beef Tacos and Char Roasted Mushroom Tacos. Service was quick and efficient and within no time, the food had arrived.

Our Selection of Tacos: Soft Shell Crab, Braised Beef, Char Roasted Mushrooms

Soft Shell Crab Tacos

Braised Beef Tacos

Char Roasted Mushroom Tacos


The starter was abysmal. Few chips scattered on a serving board accompanied by a plain tasting guacamole. I could not make out any salt, spice or lime. Our tacos arrived shortly after. I enjoyed my crab tacos, the crunch from the crab, the creamy guacamole with freshly squeezed lime but again I could not help but feel like it just needed some salt or something! Unfortunately, the enjoyment stopped there. My friend could not finish the small portion of braised beef tacos at all, she prompted us to try some too. It basically tasted of water with a slight hint of beef jerky. Watery beef jerky. I’m not sure how they braised their beef, but the juices were really lacking in flavour if it was supposed to be braising the beef for however long they cooked it for.

On top of this, the prices were quite steep too for both quality AND quantity! You definitely have to (Soft) shell out if you want to leave this restaurant feeling full, though I’m not sure you’d want to. Maybe the drinks they serve are better.

Seeing as I found this place through a video that London Timeout posted, I have learned to take a lot of their dazzling videos with a pinch of salt because this place was not proportional to the way they were hyping this place up at all. In fact, it was inversely proportional.

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