Flat Iron, London

I’ve been wanting to try out the famous flat iron steak for ages! I never knew they had a branch in Shoreditch until I walked past gaping.

My boyfriend and I both ordered their flat iron steak which came with salad for only £10 each. I ordered the béarnaise sauce and Lee ordered Fred’s Sauce, a spicy tomato sauce. For sides, we ordered fries and roasted aubergines. As we waited, a waitress came over with a cup of salted popcorn (YES!) straight out of their impressive popcorn maker!

Salted Popcorn

The steak was cooked how I wanted, beautifully seared on both sides and melted in the mouth! Both our steaks arrived in a pool of red liquid. To me this probably means they were in a rush to serve the steak and didn’t leave a few minutes to rest it. Up until now I always thought if you didn’t rest the meat properly, you’d get some blood oozing out. This doesn’t even make sense!!!  I feel so foolish now thinking that. The red liquid is actually a highly pigmented red protein called myoglobin mixed with water. Hence why steaks are called red meats. The red liquid wasn’t really a problem since the steak tasted good. Also we found the meat was so easy to cut into. Their steak knives looked like mini meat cleavers!

Flat Iron Steak, Béarnaise Sauce, Fries, Roasted Aubergine and Salad
Flat Iron Steak
Roasted Aubergine and Fries

I wished I was more of a purist and didn’t order the sauce because it didn’t add anything to my meal. The fries tasted exactly how I liked them, salty and crispy. I did wonder if they were triple cooked, they tasted that good. The roasted aubergine was cooked till it was soft all the way but it was overpowered immensely by the parmesan, I couldn’t taste anything else but the cheese.

You’d think for a steak so cheap, it wouldn’t taste good but it’s not the case for Flat Iron. I’d definitely go back to this place if I ever need a steak fix, still doesn’t beat florentine steak we ate from Florence though.

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