Palm Court Brasserie, London

When I first found out I was going to this place for a Valentine’s meal, of course I had to judge whether the menu would be up to scratch. The starters were okay… and then I saw the words fondue, that certainly caught my eye.

Service was brilliant. Had to change the booking, no problem. When we arrived, we were seen to immediately and the table was pulled out for me to slide in. That alone is far more fancy than I am used to. It was quite elegant on the inside, classical music playing, soft dimmed lights, candlelights… romantic.

We ordered the fondue to start. Minimum of two people, of course my boyfriend got roped into it, but willingly! Fondue arrived in a scaldingly hot cast iron pan. It was gooey, bubbly and thick. It smelled amazing. The fondue tasted exactly how you’d expect, cheesy but just the tiniest hint of sweetness from the alcohol. It arrived accompanied with crunchy broccoli, carrot sticks, celery sticks and toasted bread. The fondue stayed hot and didn’t cease up at all, I particularly enjoyed the pairing of the raw broccoli with the salty cheese.  I didn’t do much with the celery or carrot sticks, but the bread was nice to mop up the cheese, my only complaint was that the pieces of bread were too big!

Comté, Emmental, Gruyère, Kirsch and White Wine, Served with Toasted Baguette, Carrots, Celery and Broccoli
Lee taking no prisoners

Maybe we spent far too long on the fondue but I saw one of the waiters come out with our main courses before we finished our starter. I was mortified, but he quickly turned around before he reached us, I was afraid that our mains would be cold but that was not the case.

I ordered the lobster thermidor which came with tripled cooked chips and a mixed salad. This is my own fault but by the time I got to the main which also contained cheese, I just felt like I reached my cheese limit for the day. I thought that there wasn’t much lobster but it contained a lot of cheese. However the real star of this meal was the triple cooked chips. My life has changed. All this time I have been eating the peasant of all chips, the once cooked chips where I scavenged for the crispy golden brown scraps whereas triple cooked chips are basically the scraps but glorified. They were beautifully salty and just so satisfyingly crispy! I kept gushing how great the chips were, so much that Lee nabbed a few from my plate, one of them going through the candle light, ‘quadruple cooked chips now’ he said smugly. Fair enough, I did laugh.

Lobster Thermidor Served with Triple Cooked Chips and Mixed Salad
Lobster Thermidor

It was a nice late valentine’s celebration even if we did next to the most obnoxiously loud and drunk group of diners. I had a nice time, I particularly enjoyed the fondue and the chips but I do think overall it was pricey for what it was but.. I suppose given the location, it was expected.

By the way to top off the romantic dinner, he took my hands and took a deep sigh… which led to him extinguishing the candle with one puff so that we were sitting at a completely dark table.

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