L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, London

Coined as the best pizza in Naples (he birthplace of Pizza) and thus the world, when L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele opened another branch in the trendy and humble Stoke Newington, I had to check out what is supposed to be the best pizza in the world! There are only two different pizzas on the menu, the Margherita and the Marinara. According to pizza purists, these are the only two pizzas you need. My friend, Jenny and I ordered both and had half of each other’s. Who else does this with their friends? They’re the friends you need to have around.



We thought there was no point in ordering the Marinara since it was probably like the Margherita but without the addition of cheese. But I’m glad we did, that way I think the marinara sauce could get the attention it deserved. The marinara sauce was such a nice fusion of strong tomato, herbs and garlic. I actually love garlic (I didn’t always like garlic but from a young age, my parents always tried to drum into me the health benefits…) and enjoyed finding little nuggets of roasted garlic throughout my pizza however I know not everybody would appreciate this. The pizza dough thin but not crispy, it was lightly on the soggy side. This meant it took ages to cut the pizza!



Whilst I found the pizzas from the Stoke Newington branch nice and the portion size definitely satisfied my tummy and they were very decently priced, I wouldn’t rush back to queue for an hour for this pizza again. Funny story, the queue stretched out along the narrow road and in front of some people’s front door, you do have to sympathise when they’re trying to leave and are greeted by a crowd of pizza hungry people.

I have no doubt that the pizza from the Naples branch is exquisite and I hope I get to try it for myself one day!

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