Dumpling Shack, London

I caught this amazing stall when they were still trading at Broadway Market’s Schoolyard but I have been assured that they will continue trading just around the corner, phew. Before this was announced, the uncertainty of DumplingShack’s presence in Hackney prompted myself to wake up early a few saturdays to grab some of these goodies before they sold out!

Their Shen Jian Baos (pan-fried soup dumplings) are amazing! Perfectly crisp, golden-brown based dumpling housing a satisfying mouthful of the soup enriched with the flavours coming from the pork. I bit into the dumplings gently and the soup exploded all over my phone! Unfortunately my reaction was not so immediate and I carried on biting into the dumpling, fortunately my boyfriend was more quick on his feet and my phone survived. Phone-omenal. My take-away box was full of the soup mixed in with some of the chilli oil and vinegar that seeped through the paper cup, I shamelessly downed the soup that squirted out into my box, yes it was that good.

Their home-made chilli oil is so nice, I made sure each bite was accompanied with some of the oil and chilli flakes. Just the right amount of heat.

The crayfish dumplings, I felt like the filling could’ve been a little smoother and bound together better but there’s no denying that the crispy golden dough on the outside made up for it. The steamed lamb gyoza were a new thing to me, I’ve never had lamb in any sort of dumplings before, they were steamed well so that the dumpling was soft to bite into. The lamb had a very distinct flavour and I found it quite gamey.

I’ll add a few more pictures of the dumplings I ate from their stall but were from too long ago for me to write about. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in their new location around the corner and fingers crossed there will be more fun fillings to try!

4th March 2017 – Pork Shen Jian Bao
25th February 2017 – Spicy Crayfish Shen Jian Bao
25th February 2017- Steamed Lamb Gyozas
5th November 2016 – Chilli Crab Shen Jian Bao

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