Bokit’La, London

Bokit is a Guadeloupean sandwich, fried in hot oil. I saw they had loads of dough balls lined up ready to deep fry. They fry it then make a hollow space for the fillings.

This stall always seems to attract a long queue and for good reason too. You have an option of small, medium or large. Then for the fillings you have the choices of chicken, salt fish or vegan option which I think are just fried aubergines. You then have to choose the spice level, 1-5. The first time I had this, I thought I was playing it safe by choosing 3 however when I was waterless on the bus, I was crying on the way home. I’m sure on CCTV you can catch me tearing up on the bus.

This time I chose saltfish and spice level of 2. The sandwich came crispy, filled with crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, flaky salt fish and a kick from the sauce smeared inside the bread. I found that everything inside this beautiful sandwich all balanced out the saltiness of the fish well but did not overpower the star of the sandwich! I found this time that level 2 was not spicy at all!

Highly recommend, these sandwiches are the only reason I returned to this market!

Saltfish Bokit (£3)

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