Mello Yello Bar & Restaurang, Malmö

A couple of weeks ago, I took my mum to Sweden for her birthday weekend. We stayed in a really cool historic hotel, Mayfair Tunneln Hotel in Malmö. After settling in our room and connecting to the wifi (priorities!), we ventured out into the cold to find some food. We stumbled across this place, it had good reviews so went in.

We chose to sit outside under the heated lamps, it was so warm, you’d never have thought it was snowing and that you almost slipped on the ice whilst walking there. The waiter was quick, attentive and extremely polite. When my mum asked if he could take a pictures, he seemed so willing.

For the starter, my mum and I shared Mello’s 5 Delicacies. This consisted of:

  • A small toast with Kalix fish roe
  • Smoked Swedish sausage
  • Cured reindeer with pickled chanterelles
  • “Smörrebröd”
  • A piece of cheese served with jam
“Smörrebröd”, A Piece of Cheese Served with Jam  (169 SEK)
A Small Toast with Kalix Fish Roe, Smoked Swedish Sausage (169 SEK)
Cured Reindeer with Pickled Chanterelles (169 SEK)

The small piece of toast was very nice, each mouthful came with thick mayonnaise, a burst of saltiness from the fish roe and small pieces of crunchy red onion. I was really surprised when I tried the sausage, I thought it’d be salty however it was quite bland. The cured reindeer which I was most excited to try had a strange spongey texture, the experience made even stranger with the acidity from the pickled chanterelles. The prawn and the thick mayo really elevated and provided LIFE to the dense rye bread, however I suspect that is what is supposed to happen. The soft brie was paired nicely with the quince jam… however it really was just cheese and jam.

For the mains, I ordered the Fish au Gratin and my mother the Grilled Fillet of Reindeer. Not deterred from the weird pickle experience, I still tried a bit of my mum’s reindeer. It tasted very much like beef! It was cooked such that the meat was so soft to bite into. The potato cake was well flavoured with the addition of the cheese.

Grilled Fillet of Reindeer – Served with Butternut Squash Cream, Potato Cake Flavoured with Västerbotten Cheese. Accompanied with Cranberries and Red Wine Sauce Flavoured with Juniper Berries. (249 SEK)
Fish au Gratin – Cod Gratinated in a Creamy Lobster Sauce Served with Potato Purée, Shrimps and Fresh Grilled Asparagus. (189 SEK)

It was a cold evening in Malmo and we still managed to sit outside under the heating. The portion sizes from this restaurant was very generous, definite comfort food indeed! It satisfied our tummies and also satisfied my need of eating some Swedish food in Sweden.


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