The Drummond, Guildford

A friend organised a group of us who lived together in first year to meet up at The Drummond for a sunday roast. Why not? I love roasts. I know two friends who have been before and they have nothing to say about this place apart from their praises.

As I quickly rushed into the pub doors, I could just hear lots of chatter and even struggled to find my friends because that was how busy this place was. Good signs. Thank god my friend booked a table! When I found them and deliberated over their menu a bit, I had to go up to the counter to order. I saw poutine being offered as a starter and kept umming and ahhing for ages but decided against a starter and went with the Mixed Roast consisting of 21 day aged Roast Sirloin of Beef, Cherry Orchard Pork Loin and Red Wine Jus with a side of Cauliflower Cheese. My boyfriend went for the Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder and Red Wine Jus.

When the food came, all plates were filled with piping hot food. The cauliflower cheese was soft with a slight crunch from where the cauliflower browned in the oven, the cheese sauce was thick and oozing with flavours. Both meats were beautifully cooked, and were accompanied with the relevant match of sauces. I got horseradish for the beef and and an apple jelly for the pork. The apple jelly was divine and the sweetness accompanied the pork so well. I’ve never had horseradish before and wasn’t particularly fond of it. The pork crackling was beautifully crisp and crunchy. Sometimes with pork crackling, I find that it doesn’t crisp all through however this was not the case, I did not get that dreaded chewy fat. The yorkshire pudding was a beautiful golden brown colour, crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside to soak up that gorgeous sweet, thick and full of flavour red wine jus. The potatoes were golden, well seasoned on the outside and wonderfully fluffy on the inside. All the vegetables were cooked to perfection, not too soft however not too crunchy, so that every single thing on that plate did not need much force with the knife to cut through. I used the gigantic yorkshire pudding to soak and absorb as much of the red wine jus as I could. As I ate, I looked at around at all the filled tables and could understand why this pub was so busy!

Mixed Roast
Mixed Roast- Excuse my poor ability to get good lighting
Lamb Shoulder- It is unfortunate that this is the only picture of a roast with good lighting… after it’s been tucked in and it’s not even mine.
Cauliflower Cheese

Obviously I tasted lee’s lamb. It came with a mint jelly, the mint jelly was so concentrated that a little went a long way and it accompanied the meat really well. It was so melt in the mouth good, soft and falling at the bone. I even caught Lee trying to salvage the last few bits from the bone. After I finished as much as I could (I was stuffed, even though I spared a few vegetables, this made the most sense right?) I did thinkĀ thank god I did not order that Poutine as a starter.

When I walked out of the pub, I saw that every single table had a salt and pepper mill and for the life of me I could not think of one reason for them being there. Salt and papper shakers had no place on any single one of those tables. Everything was so well and beautifully seasoned. Another bonus to this pub is that they also have a well stocked supply of board games too if you ever fancy a game whilst eating or after.

This pub is right next to a cricket pitch where my boyfriend trains, I can’t say I’ve even been to that part of Guildford before, not even to watch him play. What I will confirm is that after this meal, I think my boyfriend will see a lot more of me by the cricket pitch now. They change their menus depending to what is in season so I’ll definitely be back to try their new things but also their poutine! I really want to try some Poutine, I never see it on menus!

Whenever you think of the best roast, you’ll always be able to recall one. After this meal, I think for a long time, I will refer to this roast as the best one I’ve had to date.

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