Lutong Pinoy, Earl’s Court, London

Kamayan is a Filipino way of eating with hands, usually with a base layer of rice laid on banana leaves with different meats and vegetables / salad. At this restaurant, if you want to eat kamayan style, you must book the meats that you want in advance and with a minimum of 4 people sharing.

Drinks were ordered first. I ordered the calamansi juice. If you ever get the chance to try this fruit juice, try this unique tasting drink at least so that you can say you’ve tried this hard-to-find-fruit-in-London. I found it to be quite sweet with a slightly subtle bitter aftertaste.

Calamansi Juice

All the food came at once. We started with the soup, sinigang first. This is a tamarind based soup, sour in taste with meat and vegetables in this case like pork belly and okra, daikon and various other vegetables. This soup reminds me of a homely comforting chinese soup but sour, which in my experience is unique to the filipino cuisine. I added a little of the rice into the soup to absorb. I’ve been here before and the soup was as good as I remembered it.


Moving onto the mains, we ordered chicken adobo, deep fried pork, grilled chicken wings and BBQ pork skewers, as seen in the pictures the meat were carefully decorated with salad, corn, lumpia and rice. The lumpia scattered outside the rice was amazing, filled with vegetables and crispy skin indicating freshly made. The deep fried pork was cooked in such a way that the fat was crispy, however I found that in some cases, the meaty part was quite tough and plain. The pork skewers slathered in the sweet and sticky BBQ sauce is tender and even when each bite results in wiping the sauce on your face – it’s worth it. With regards to the chicken wings, I did not eat many because I prefer the wingette and there were more drumettes. I cannot remember much about the chicken adobo because it was quite a while ago. However, I loved not having to bother with cutlery and just scooping up rice to accompany with the different textures and flavours of meat and the sweet and refreshing salad.


Waiting time for the food was not bad considering how much food was laid out onto the table and beautifully presented. In terms of the service, it felt like the young waitress did not enjoy taking anybody’s order and would’ve preferred being elsewhere. It worked out around £20 something for each of us which isn’t bad considering the sheer volume of food consumed between the group with some to take-away back home too! We were all stuffed. I really enjoyed this kamayan experience and loved being able to try lots of different things. I don’t know much about Filipino food but both times I’ve been here, it’s been packed lots of Filipino diners, so it’s clear that this place offers good authentic Filipino food. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to go with a large group of friends but you must book in advance and perhaps order a wider range of meats that are offered.

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