Wall Street Pigalle, Paris

A stone’s throw away from the infamous Moulin Rouge, is a small inconspicuous bar / restaurant. You’d be excused for not noticing the place but once you know about it, it’s  definitely worth going in even if it’s just for a drink. Kaeshelle who is currently in Paris booked a table for my first double date. I was ushered in to what seemed like it was going to be a very quiet night ahead, there were only a few heads in the restaurant/ bar.

Whilst waiting for Kaeshelle to arrive, we decided to wait at the bar and order some drinks in. The waitress knew I only spoke a little French and so she explained the concept in English. The drink prices shown on their screens go up and down just like on the stock market, however they changed every 100 seconds. To put it into context, a glass of rose could be as little as €2.90 or up to €7!

I ordered the snails for a starter and the steak and fries for the main. Lee ordered steak tartare. The herby butter sprinkled all over the snails provided all the flavour to what would’ve just been plain dish. I can’t figure out how to explain the texture of snails to you, but it wasn’t a tiring chewing process. A lot of snails for €5, not bad!


The mains came quite shortly after. I was offered the choice of rice, potatoes or fries. FRIES! GIVE ME ALL THE FRIES! To be honest, the fries weren’t that good. The salad was disappointing too, it was just the same type of lettuce leaves but since it was there, I did eat it. Eating all the salad counteracts the fries right? The steak was good, cooked like how I asked (rare, following my trip to Florence), a nice colour on both sides and easy to cut into. I recall savouring bits of the fat that turned a bit crispy after being cooked on what must’ve been a really hot pan to achieve that colour on the outside but very pinky on the inside.

Entrecote avec des Frites Maison
Frites maison

I think Lee felt a bit adventurous when ordering, neither of us really knew what a steak tartare was. When it arrived, it definitely caught him off guard. He said it has really strong flavours, the egg was cooked well so that it was just the right amount of runny and the beef was really well seasoned but felt like the portion was small.  A few seconds he retracted this statement and said he was probably just really hungry.

For the record, steak tartare is essentially raw minced meat with a raw egg yolk on top. Don’t worry, I can hear the alarm bells ringing too since Lee thought that the egg yolk was cooked.

As the night progressed so did the crowd and the atmosphere was buzzing! Service was amazing, the waitress was patient despite all of our different levels of french, the prices were reasonable and lastly this restaurant/bar definitely has a unique and fun concept. It was a brilliant choice for a group of friends on a double date! We got a discount too because Kaeshelle made the booking through la fourchette. If you’re interested in the concept or the menu, check this place out here!

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