Jersey Crab Shack, Gorey, Jersey (Channel Island)

I went to Jersey Crab Shack for a birthday dinner with my boyfriend and his parents. I remember the first time my boyfriend took me to the Jersey Crab Shack branch in St. Brelades and I remember just not being ready for my crab tacos. The tacos were soft tortilla and the crab was cold. It wasn’t their fault, I just wasn’t ready. Determined to have a good experience this time, I studied the menu more carefully when we sat down. I decided to share some oysters with my boyfriend. I mean I couldn’t come all this way to Jersey (160 miles) without trying their oysters right? They arrived on a bed of ice, accompanied with some shallot vinaigrette. I dislodged them from their shells and poured into my mouth. Do you chew or swallow your oysters straight away? They tasted good, though some were on the skinny side.

6 Jersey Oysters
I chose the seafood spaghetti, seeing as we are by the sea, seafood seemed apt. The boyfriend ordered the five spice sticky pork short ribs. I thought that my meal had the right ratio of seafood to spaghetti. Juicy and sweet prawns. No bits of seafood were chewy at all. The excess of chives added some colour to contrast the yellow/red hues whilst also adding a tiny bit of flavour to the sauce. The linguine was cooked just right. The little pot of parmesan was a nice touch, avoids the waiter hovering over your dish grating it in asking you to say when but also feeling self conscious at how much they are grating in…This dish was absolutely delicious and definitely could not see anything else on the menu that could compete. The ribs were apparently fall off the bone good, the sticky sauce was fragrant but wasn’t overpowering sweet however the asian slaw wasn’t anything special, not sure how a few slices of thinly chopped veg constitutes as asian slaw.

Seafood Linguine

Five Spice Sticky Pork Short Ribs with Asian Coleslaw
For desserts, my boyfriend loves the sundaes there and he had a bit of the knickerbockerglory sundae, all he had to say on the matter was that it was as good as he remembered and it was sweet. I ordered the sticky toffee pudding, probably one of my favourite classic desserts. It was a good portion sized dessert topped with ice cream and did not disappoint. Just a shame I was already full from the main course, but then again what are boyfriends for, hey?

Knickerbockerglory sundae

Sticky Toffee Pudding
After the meal, we left to discover this gorgeous sunset view. How serene and romantic.



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