Las Iguanas, Stratford Westfield

My mum and I were so hungry once we got to Stratford, we headed straight to Las Iguanas. Downstairs on the other levels of stores, it was so busy but as we headed to the top floor of the food places, Las Iguanas seemed very quiet. There was a lady at the front desk who seated us straight away. Wasting no time we ordered drinks and food quickly. I say we, but really I just fired away all the things I wanted to try, I guess that’s why I love eating out with my mum, it’s usually me making the food choices but I think she prefers it that way anyways. We wanted to try loads of different dishes so I opted for the tapas menu where it was 5 dishes for the price of £24.95. I ordered the Gambas, Calamares, Lamb Empanadas, Garlicky Mushrooms Quesadillas and the Jerk BBQ Glazed Ribs. Looking at the menu you can definitely tell that it tries to be a crowd pleaser, from vegetarian options to wings or steak or ribs. There’s something for everybody. Also this restaurant is halal too, meaning this restaurant definitely can serve a wide range of people!

When the food arrived you could smell the garlic from the mushroom quesadillas mixed with the sweet fragrance coming from the ribs. There were colourful and flavourful dips and everything were topped with herbs so fresh and vibrantly green. I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

Our selection of Tapas dishes.

The quesadillas were so garlicky but not so much to impair your tastebuds to other flavours, and they were cheesey and gooey also I could tell they were made freshly because they weren’t soggy. The quesadillas definitely had a bit of a kick to it as well, it was the first thing I ate and the fire was on the tip of the my tongue for the entirety of the meal!

Quesadilla (£5.25) Tortilla, filled, folded, pan-toasted & served with tomato salsa: Garlicky mushroom, chilli, thyme & cheese

The gambas were so plump, big and juicy plus the sauce that these prawns were swimming in was so good! I kept using pieces of bread to scoop up as much of the sauce and parsley as I could. The sauce made up of garlic, chilli and lemon mixed in with the juices from the prawns were amazing. The only downside of peeling these prawns was the fact that the smell of garlic is always so persistent on the hands, they didn’t have any sort of wipes that you could use immediately after eating them so my hands were marinading in the sauce until I could find a toilet to wash my hands in.

Gambas (£6.95) Butterflied shell-on prawns cooked in a garlic, lemon & chilli sauce

The calamares was another story. They were soggy and so chewy. Maybe somewhere in the cooking process they coated the squid in too much liquid? I’m not sure but the crispy crumb coating that was supposed to surround the squid definitely did not contribute any sort of crispiness.

Calamares (£5.95) Deep-fried squid in a crisp cayenne & cassava crumb served with creamy aioli

The empanadas were definitely crispy, but I don’t think they made that much of impression on me as I can’t really remember how they were! I remember admiring the crimping though, I tried to make some cornish pasties recently and I failed massively on the crimping front.

Empanadas (£5.95) Tender lamb braise din mint, tomato & chipotle, with spicy cranberry salsa

The ribs were probably the star of the tapas show, I have to say and my boyfriend can vouch for this but I hate BBQ sauces. I don’t really like it when meat sauces are sweet but the sweetness here was so subtly good! The thick sauce was finger-licking good. The meat really did fall off the bone, it was amazing and I kept going back for more!

Havana Club & Jerk BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs (£5.95) Fall off the bone individual pork ribs covered in a sticky rum glaze, topped with crispy onion and chilli. 

Although we were seated quite quickly and the restaurant wasn’t that busy, the service did take a while, whether it was the drinks or food or even the bill! My mum thought our bellies wouldn’t have been satisfied but we were so full towards the end! I couldn’t even finish of the food. Honestly, I don’t think this chain or maybe more so this specific branch is out of this world but it is convenient when you want to avoid the busy shoppers and don’t want to be on a high alert looking after your handbags as it doesn’t seem to be quite busy on the upper level compared to the rest of the shopping mall.

Check out their menu here.


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