I discovered this restaurant by accident. Mindlessly and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram I caught a glimpse of these gigantic pizzas. Oh great, I bet it’s somewhere in New York. I clicked the tagged location. What? Shoreditch? I looked into Homeslice a little more, they had other locations around London. The very unique thing about Homeslice was that they did 20″ pizzas. 20″ for £20. How glorious. I looked at their menus, they had loads of unheard of (to me) pizza toppings. Haggis… Goat’s Shoulder… Cauliflower Cheese…

As myself and my old college friends were due back in London for the easter break, I thought what better way to catch up with one another over 20″ pizzas? They agreed. Great, it was a plan. As we are quite usually a large numbered group and this place did seem all the rage, I imagined that lunchtimes would be chaotic, and so I suggested 2:30PM. In the end, 6 of us could make it, which all worked out well as we were an even number. I was the first to arrive and before I even opened the door, I think the head waitress greeted me and asked how many people. She said there wouldn’t be long wait for another table but everybody would have to arrive before she gave it to us. That was fair enough and expected. After a while, we were just waiting for one other person. I asked the waitress if we could have the table if we ordered for the person, she agreed. Another very friendly young waitress with an apron asked if we had eaten here before, told us about the menu and said that we could order a half half pizza.

We all partnered up and shared pizzas. I was with my friend Vincent and we ordered a half half pizza. One half Aubergine, Cauliflower Cheese, Spinach & Harissa and one half Goat Shoulder, Savoy Cabbage and Sumac Yoghurt. We were all given paper plates, I felt like this just added to the whole normality of eating pizzas, where cutlery isn’t needed and washing up isn’t required. The good old way of eating pizzas.

2016-04-04 15.15.59
Half Half Pizza: Goat Shoulder, Savoy Cabbage, Sumac Yoghurt & Cauliflower Cheese, Aubergine, Spinach, Harissa.
2016-04-04 15.19.23
Salami, Rocket and Parmesan
2016-04-04 15.23.45
Half Half Pizza: Cauliflower Cheese, Aubergine, Spinach, Harissa & Calabrian Peppers, Chervil, Lincolnshire Poacher
2016-04-04 15.24.17
All Three 20″ Pizzas in ALL. THEIR. GLORY.

The goat’s shoulder was magnificent. So tender and melt in the mouth satisfying. The Savoy cabbage added some saltiness to the pizza. I thought that the sumac yoghurt accompanied the meat well. The crust of the pizza was soft and more doughy than the usual crust, it required a lot more chewing however the crust did not taste plain, it was saltier and I thought it made up for the points aforementioned.

With regards of the other pizza, I’m not sure what I was expecting, maybe perhaps we’d get chunks of cauliflower on the pizza, but when it arrived it all made sense. The cauliflower cheese was used as the primary sauce on the pizza instead of the conventional tomato. There were lashings of harissa so that every single bite came with a slight kick, but not too off putting, it still allowed for the other toppings to shine through such as the cauliflower cheese, I don’t think it particularly had any strong cauliflower tastes but the concept behind it was cool and it did resemble the thicker cheese sauce that you usually find in cauliflower cheese. I liked how the aubergines were cooked, they were cooked all through so that it was soft and they were draped silkily around the half of the pizza. I thought that there was a healthy amount of aubergine. My favourite half was most probably the goat shoulder half, the meat was so tender!!! The only let down was that I felt like the crust was a bit soggy and it wasn’t as crispy as one would have hoped for. However, the delicious toppings which probably was the biggest culprit in the soggy crust far outweighed it.

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