Jamie’s Italian Gatwick Airport

I went to Tenerife with my boyfriend and his family and so before our flights we decided to have lunch together. We booked and I’m grateful that we did since it was so busy at the airport. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the Easter holidays or if it was because of lunch time. The waiter seated us at what we all thought was the best table in the restaurant, it wasn’t in the main area and it meant we had a bit more privacy. We were sat by the window too, not that the gloomy weather and stagnant planes were of an enjoying view, but nonetheless we had a view!!
Usually I take ages deciding what to order but with part of the family not having eaten for more than 6 hours, I decided to just pick something and go for it and am I glad I did. Maybe that’s a method I should just go with when choosing foods next time? I chose the Squid & Musell Spaghetti Nero (£ 12.95). I have a friend who told me of her trip to Italy before and how she marvelled at the black colour of spaghetti. I always have an open mind to food and I’m hardly ever put off food and so I was pleasantly surprised when the waiter arrived with a dish of black spaghetti. I always thought I’d have to travel far away to try some. I actually wasn’t expecting black spaghetti, I guess that’s what nero means in Italian. Black. 2016-03-19 12.13.32

The spaghetti was cooked perfectly. I’ve had a bad experience once at Jamie’s Italian where the linguine wasn’t even cooked through. I only had one giant piece of octopus and my teeth just bit straight through it. It wasn’t rubbery at all and that’s when I knew this dish had been executed immensely well. The only bad thing I have to say about this was the fact that more half the mussel shells I had were empty. Nothing more disappointing than prying the shell open a little more for emptiness. Some were found under my spaghetti but shell and mussel maths didn’t add up. The parmesan that was added to my spaghetti made each bite that much luxurious and as the cheese sunk to the bottom and melted into the sauce, it added a bit of luxuriousness to the last bites. 2016-03-19 12.13.22
My boyfriend ordered the full monty (£ 9.75) and when it arrived, the dish definitely took after its name. It was enormous! I can’t say that I tried much of it but I tried some of the black pudding as that intrigued me the most. It was very bitty but each and every bit bursting with this salty flavour.2016-03-19 12.14.49

The staff were all so fluent in what they were doing, which probably helps given that they’re in an airport, packed with many customers from all parts of the world. They were all really friendly and still managed to say a goodbye to us despite how busy it was. It was only a small gesture but still a nice one. I have a Jamie’s Italian in my uni town, their menu features none other than the black spaghetti and I’m actually so happy about this. Thanks Gatwick Airport for restoring my faith in Jamie’s spaghetti.


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