Busaba Eathai

I came back to London to try this place out because I wanted to meet my penpal one last time before she jetted off to spend the rest of the  year in Australia. She’s been my penpal since we were around 10 years old and I only met her this year when she came over to the UK for a gap year. So after ages of deciding where to eat, and going back and forth with restaurants on Whatsapp we settled for Busaba Eathai, the Hoxton branch. We had a bit of a later lunch, on a wednesday so it was safe to say the restaurant was empty.

The waitress who served us was very young, and very cheerful, informative and attentive despite apparently having had a big work do the night before. Good on you! I wish I caught her name, she was very chatty with us and friendly.

After being sat down by the cool massive table by the window for people watching, we both ordered a starter to share which consisted of matchstick chicken, fish cakes and chicken satay and for the main we both ordered the Jungle Chicken Curry along with some jasmine rice.

The starter was amazing! I thought the chicken wings dried out a little bit but the rest was delicious. The fragrance was insane, it smelled so different with all the exotic spices and herbs. The dipping sauces that came with it really complemented the food well, there was nutty, there was sweet, there was sour, there was salty. Such an amazing combination of different flavours all working in harmony. We were looking forward to the curry so much if that was what the starter had offered us. 2016-02-02 15.21.13A trio of starters

The waitress did question our tolerance for spice and after panicking a little because I didn’t want to keep extinguishing my tongue all throughout the meal I went ahead with my choice. I’m glad I did, it was spicy, yes but not enough to ruin the meal. The chicken was tender, the curry was flavoursome and I loved the stewed soft vegetables. Everything was seasoned well, there was definitely no need to add anything else. Each spoonful of rice absorbed so much of the spicy and flavoursome juices, it was so good!

2016-02-02 15.20.41
Main Course and starter
2016-02-02 15.27.21
Jungle Chicken Curry & Jasmine Rice

I can’t calculate how much the meal was because I can’t seem to find the starter on the menu but I don’t recall it being expensive, especially considering how much we savoured and devoured the food plus the lovely service we received. I loved my experience here so much that I felt really inspired, since then I have made so many different thai red curries at uni, my poor boyfriend, his spice tolerance has definitely increased!

I would recommend this place if you are around the Shoreditch area check out their menus here if you are interested! There’s another restaurant called Thai Thai East nearby in Old Street, and I am keen to try some competition!

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