Sushimania Brighton

After I finished my exams, I decided to go down to Brighton to visit my friend who is currently studying there. Being the good friend she is, she took me out on a romantic walk down the pier, took me out later on in the night to experience the FANTASTIC night life that exists in Brighton. The next morning I woke up relatively early as I was leaving early afternoon, by the time our slow groggy selves managed to get out of bed, we were too late for breakfast so we had lunch for breakfast. Neither of us were hungover, however I did chuckle when I thought about how normal people have an English fry up or something really greasy whereas us… we went for the classic Sushi buffet of course. Of course. 

Now I’m always used to seeing extortionate (or relatively) prices for sushi in London so when it was £15.80 for an all you can eat sushi, I was amazed! On a side note, when I went to Vegas, I went to an all you can eat sushi buffet over there and it was magnificent, I have yet to find a restaurant over here that was as worth the money as it was over there and have as wide of a choice as they did over there. But anyways as soon as we walked in, we quickly realised that it was a very popular choice amongst the people of Brighton. It was packed! When a waiter spotted us, we were tightly squeezed onto a small table fit for two people, sandwiched between two very closely distanced tables.

We were given these white order slips where you could order 6 things from each side at one time. We were only allowed to stay for 1.5-2 hours maximum. The waiters seemed stretched, they all seemed very preoccupied with different orders and different people. We only asked for tap water and even then it took a while. We did wonder if they were taking as long as possible so that we’d be closer to our leaving time.

We ordered miso soup first to warm up our bellies, I needed something warm and comforting and I love having bits of tofu and seaweed with each mouthful. Some things we ordered included: Octopus Taki Nigiri, Crispy Salmon Skin and Cucumber Uramaki, California Roll, Salmon and Avocado Futomaki, Chicken Katsu & Prawn Katsu Temaki, Edamame Beans, Chicken Gyoza  Dumplings, Chicken Yakitori, Thin Sliced Beef Ramen in Soya Soup.

We decided it was better to order little by little because you’d induce a charge if you didn’t finish foods. What I noticed with some of the sushis I ordered was that they created a bed of rice, and then filling it with fish meaning they reduced the amount of the fillings inside the sushi, which I thought was quite insulting. Whilst skimping on the enjoyable things about sushi, they definitely did not skimp on things like edamame beans, I definitely felt pressured into finish the huge bowl of them to avoid incurring a charge. I did not question the quality of the Octupus Taki Nigiri, I don’t recall it having an off-putting rubbery texture. I enjoyed the Chicken Katsu Temaki the most, I love chicken katsu, and when combined with the creamy avocado and the yummy mayonnaise, it’s definitely a winner. I suspect they used the famous Japanese mayonnaise, Kewpie, I love it, it tastes so good! I can tell you that you’d definitely taste a difference to your regular Hellmann’s. I was quite excited for the crispy salmon skin but sadly what I ate did not live up to even its name, ‘crispy’. Their non-sushi items were actually really nice, I thoroughly enjoyed the ramen, yakitori and gyoza. The rich red sticky glaze combined with the tender, plump and juicy meat meant that the yakitori was delicious. We ordered the gyoza and the hand rolls twice. The mayonnaise definitely swayed us over.

There were a few mix ups from the waiters, giving the food we ordered to the table next to us but this was understandable as it was incredibly packed. We’re all humans and make mistakes. Admittedly £15.80 is a really good price for a selection of sushi, however I don’t think the selections blew me away. I hate wasting food and respect it when restaurants charge you for it but I did not appreciate it when they gave me things like Edamame beans in abundance but then scrimped on fillings what was already small portions of sushi. Service was a bit stretched, however the waiters did come and check our order slips when they eventually noticed us. They did take away our plates regularly when we were finished with them. We did leave with very full bellies, partially due to the fact we forced ourselves to finish off foods that and sushis that were mainly rice and not filling.

Overall, I don’t think I’d be going back, whilst the sushi buffet seemed like a good price, I guess sometimes some things are too good to be true.  I was quite let down by how much they valued quantity over quality.

Miso Soup
Octopus Taki Nigiri
Chicken Katsu Temaki
Thin Sliced Beef Ramen in Soya
Chicken Yakitori
Chicken Gyoza Dumplings
L-R: California Roll, Salmon and Avocado Futomaki, Crispy Salmon Skin and Cucumber
Salmon and Octopus Taki Nigiri
Chicken Katsu and Prawn Katsu Temaki
Chicken Katsu
Spicy Salmon

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