Sushi Nara

With Valentine’s Day coming up we decided to just book somewhere local and earlier as on the actual day I’d be in London celebrating dim sum celebrating Chinese New Year. That was easy to do. I know last year, restaurants were so quickly booked up.
After putting in a bit more effort than I’d normally do on my outfit and make up, once I walked through the doors at Sushi Nara a really accommodating waitress rushed to our service and complimented me. We were sat straight away at a table close to the kitchen.

With making an effort to my outfit, came the immense cold I was feeling. And so I definitely jumped at the chance for some miso soup whilst the boyfriend ordered some chicken gyoza soup. I always love a bit of tofu and seaweed in mine and I was not let down. My boyfriends soup, I always love dumplings! However it did taste very heavily of sesame. It was hard to get any other flavours out of the soup.

We didn’t bother with starters and just instead opted to have everything arrive at roughly the same time. We ordered Takoyaki, I always marvel at how ALIVE it looks. We ordered a chef selection of sushi, the dragon roll, the ebi fri roll, fish roe sashimi and eel nigri.
One of the waitresses gave us two sushi that formed a heart in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

2016-02-13 19.53.58
Chef Selection
2016-02-13 19.53.53
Dragon Roll
2016-02-13 19.53.48
Ebi Fri Roll
2016-02-13 19.58.46
Heart Shaped Sushi
2016-02-13 19.53.20

I can’t recall the prices of each dish, however it was quite pricey but with this restaurant, you definitely get what you pay for. Maybe unconventional but my boyfriend and I both tried each of the 12 in the chef selection just because we both were curious. None were of a rubbery or chewy consistency. It was so easy to bite and chew. Maybe it’s psychological, but with each bite, came a thought of ‘wow how fresh is this?’.

The dragon roll is always our favourite, I say as if we eat this all the time, only the second! But,the sticky sweetness of the glaze mixed with the saltiness from the soy sauce and the crunchy prawn in the middle worked well together, one of the more expensive dishes, but I think it was part of their special dishes and we could definitely see why. The ebi fri roll… I. CAN’T. GET. ENOUGH. OF. JAPANESE. MAYONNAISE! It’s so lovely, but even though I liked the dragon roll, I must admit I don’t really have a sweet tooth, and it was a definite nice change to go back to a more savoury type of sushi and I got just that from the ebi fri roll. I keep eyeing up the Japanese mayonnaise in the asian section in Tesco but can’t bring myself to spend £5 on mayonnaise.

When I was ordering the fish roe, I had the option of nigiri and sashimi, because I panicked, I didn’t ask what the difference was. So I just went with the sashimi, and I wish I went with the nigiri instead so I wasn’t just eating the fish roe on its own. Regardless I still liked it but I feel like there’s not much to say on the matter. Some people can’t stomach it but I enjoy biting and chewing on the fish roe and it just exploding with flavour in your mouth.

Halfway through the meal, a waitress bought over the heart shaped sushi for two, I thought that was really cute and such a nice touch to a valentines meal, so unique as well.

Our takoyaki arrived after we started on the sushi, and I wish I could attach the video over here, but it won’t let me, so I’ll link it here. It almost looks like it’s moving right? I think it’s so cool! But it’s just the bonito flakes, it’s so thin and light that a small gust of wind, the steam of even if you talk really close to it, it’s enough to move the flakes a bit and so it appears to move. My boyfriend and I love it! We can never get enough of it, you bite through a not too heavy dough-y ball into lovely bites of octopus that again were not chewy.

If you’re ever looking for a particularly nice meal out in Guildford, I would almost definitely recommend Sushi Nara. I wish I could eat sushi here more often, but it definitely does not agree with a student. But you definitely get what you pay for which is fresh food and friendly and attentive staff. What more could you ask for?

They don’t have a website but they do have a Facebook so definitely check them out here.




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