Marks & Spencer Cafe

Mother and I popped into M&S at the end of Oxford Street, near Hyde Park to buy some gifts for relatives and friends over in America before we went over there. After walking around for some time and getting hungrier and hungrier, we headed upstairs to Floor 3 to the cafe.

It’s like a school canteen kind of set up, I think that’s the best way to describe it. You have the workers at the cash registers and the fridges with sandwiches and drinks. There’s a small menu that you can pick your food from and you tell the people at the cash registers where they charge you and give you a little clicker thing that you place on the table so the runners can find you to give you your food.

I ordered the soup from the seasonal menu for myself and a chicken superfood orzo dish for my mum. I don’t have the menu at hand for me to name what the dish was called exactly, but I’m describing it so it’s easy if you’d want to replicate.

Seasonal Soup

Chicken Superfood Orzo

First of all, the food did not take long to arrive at all despite it being so packed that it took us a while to find a seat. I ordered the chicken orzo for my mum because I wanted to try a bit whilst having a light meal myself (the soup). To be honest, I loved all the things that went into this dish, for example I love chicken, I love kale, I love ozro….The tomato sauce was packed with flavour and the orzo was not mushy despite being in the hot sauce. Everything in the dish worked well however I felt the kale was a little bit out of place but I suppose that was probably the only thing that made the dish a superfood dish.

My soup…. *deep sigh* it was a little disappointing. I love juices, smoothies and soups packed with fruits and veggies but I feel like this soup was unseasoned vegetables blended with hot water. No. Bueno. I had to get up to get salt and pepper as our table didn’t have enough and just season as much as I could. I don’t think I’d be able to recommend this soup to other people though I guess if you’re having a little bit of a health kick then it would be an okay soup to have as it consisted of potato, mint, peas, spinach and cabbage. It must be said that on the first sip, the mint was definitely a distinctive element of the soup.

I love Marks and Spencer and their cafe was no exception- if we ignore the soup. I love the fact that their hot drinks all come with a little shortbread biscuit, so cute and buttery and I wish that they would bake bigger shortbread biscuits, what a delicious treat!

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