Kingston, Simon-Dach-Straße 12, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Kingston

Recently, I travelled to Berlin just because I felt like it was one of those European cities that everybody should visit at least once in their lives. After the stressful ordeal that were exams… I felt like this city break was much needed. After a day of sightseeing, my friend and I headed back to Revaler Straße (where we were staying) to explore the many restaurants that the people of Berlin had to offer us. After going around in circles a few times and I know some people will probably disagree with me on this but I think Berlin’s Revaler Straße was vey similar or even the equivalent to London’s Shoreditch. It was hustling and bustling with restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs and bars! I only made the comparison because of all the street art everywhere, and especially with The East Side Gallery a stone’s throw away!

We walked past a place called Kingston where the waiter was seeing to all the diners outside and he seemed very eager to draw us in. We only stopped to take a look at what they had. After walking around and being spoilt for choice and seeing as it was late and we were hungry, we settled for Kingston. They had a really big menu offering all kinds of Italian and Mexican foods contrary to the restaurant name. After being overwhelmed with number of restaurants, we were again spoilt for choice with all the foods. Everything was really affordable with most of pizzas under €10.

I’m not sure if this stretches out for the whole of Berlin, but definitely around this area, their happy hours were definitely of a new experience to a Londoner. Happy hour started around 6PM till closing time, often around or past midnight with nearly all their extensive list of cocktails being marked down to between €4 – €6. Their drinks menus were amazing with all the usuals like Cosmopolitans… Sex on the Beach…Long Island Iced Tea but also the unusuals, most of which I have never even heard of before! I decided to play it safe and ordered the Sex on the Beach and spaghetti carbonara. The drinks and food did not take long to arrive at all.

I don’t think a spaghetti carbonara is very hard to do, it sounds very simple and I’d be very surprised if it was horrible. For all those about to attempt this relatively simple dish just remember that when adding the egg mixture, to add it off the heat to avoid scrambled eggs! I’ll link a youtube video here, it’s from a wonderful Italian woman who I love watching and she’s the one who taught me how to make the dish.  I think some people would’ve found the spaghetti disappointing, as the pasta wasn’t cooked al dente- it was a little bit softer, but it’s what I prefer anyways. It was soft but not mushy and there was no need for any salt as the hard cheese was grated over my pasta dish very generously, however a very good dash of black pepper wouldn’t have gone amiss. I’m not quite sure I understood where they were coming from with their garnishes. It was a few specks of some type of green herb sprinkled all over the plate, though not enough to empower the place or for my taste buds to notice.

My friend ordered a mushroom pizza and requested sweet corn to be added on. It was all executed very well with no problem… almost. He very nearly didn’t understand what we were saying until my language genius of a friend remembered how to say sweet corn in German. I’m amazed at how much she remembers from even before GCSEs.

As it was late, and we sat outside, the lighting wasn’t my friend when I was taking pictures of the food. I am well aware that the pictures of the plates and bowls of food looked very small however don’t be fooled! We were very much full by the end.

Apologies for the awful quality, the lighting combined with my phone was clearly not good here.


Spaghetti Carbonara



Spaghetti Carbonara

I don’t remember my friend’s drink but I remember mine being very strong, not only are the drinks cheaper than those in London, the people in Berlin definitely do not hold back with the alcoholic content of their drinks. Mine was much stronger than I was used to, it was okay though, it only meant it took me longer to finish.

The waiter was very attentive throughout the meal so it wasn’t very hard to get his attention when we were finished with the meal and wanted the bill.

I’d recommend this place if you’re around the area and in a rush and want some fast food… without the fast food (McDonalds). The prices are very affordable and there are loads of diners inside and outside all deep in conversation, smoking, drinking and laughing creating a chilled atmosphere. It’s no fine dining experience, but what do you expect when you’re two students late out at night on the streets of Berlin!
I tried looking online to link their website and menu here but I can’t find it.

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