Admittedly, I’ve driven and walked past this restaurant many times without really noticing this place. After discovering my best friend and I both liked their page on Facebook, we decided to give this place a try.

It wasn’t too far from Shoreditch and Bethnal Green Station so it wasn’t really hard to get to. I did walk past it though and had to refer back to Google Maps, oh dear. When I walked in, I wasn’t sure whether I’d be seen to or whether I could just sit down but after a few moments one of the waiters came and gave me a table.

The restaurant definitely has a more unique concept, you can eat and get your hair cut in the same place I looked at the prices, and they’re not bad. Their decor has this artsy and minimalist feel to it. The outside spaces to eat by the cafe are very bright and are nice because you are near the cafe, get to feel the outside breeze but you’re not too far from the staff inside should you need their attention.

I waited a while for my friend before we could order. I ordered the Hot Bulgogi (£9.90), opting for the beef option whilst my friend ordered the Godeungeo (£9.50). All main courses was accompanied with a bowl of rice, which was fortunate. Too many places require you to purchase rice an extra these days… how annoying. The food did not take long to arrive, and when it did I did wonder whether it’d be enough to fill me up but rest assured, you’ll be satisfied with your portion mainly because of the rice. When the mackerel came, it was sizzling. The fish was lovely, with all the flavour on the crispy skin and accompanied by the squeezed lemon juice, it was a beautiful love affair between the saltiness and the sourness in my mouth. The fish has a lovely golden brown colour to it and was not tough or overcooked at all, cooked just right. My Hot Bulgogi was good too, the meat was tender and wasn’t tough to chew on. It wasn’t immensely hot nor was it too mild. However, I did struggle to find the vegetables that were promised to me from the menu. But still, lovely flavours from this dish, definitely would order again!

 2015-07-31 18.34.37-1
Hot Bulgogi
 2015-07-31 18.34.49

During our meal, two waiters came to our table, they were dressed so casual that it did sometimes take us a while to figure out what they were doing before we realised they were just doing their job, I understand that this restaurant has a more relaxed approach to things and is not by any means a fine dining type of restaurant, but there’s just nothing to distinguish between the workers and people who are eating there, I mean one of the waiters who took our orders was wearing a cap! But I suppose as long as they’re attentive and are doing their jobs which they all were, I can’t complain…


All in all, it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere with filled with lovely smelling food and there was definitely a buzz from all the diners with their chatter.

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