Hi, High Tea of Highgate

First impressions: What a pretty, cute, colourful and retro looking cafe this was. Mismatched teacups and saucers. Colourful teapots. Rich and scrumptious looking cakes on display. Quirky crockery everywhere. Cool furniture. Bright space. The girl who served us was really pretty too, I have no idea what her name was but if you’re ever reading this, this goes out to you! My friend and I decided to find some seats outside, from what I can remember there were only about 4 tables outside but it was still a cute and cosy back yard space. The table we chose was in front of a window that allowed us to see what was happening in store and see all the cakes!

I checked online on their website, and if I remember correctly, the menu online is nowhere as extensive as the menu I read in store. The waitress (I swear, I’ll get better at this and become more observant with names, but maybe sometimes the anonymity is good too) came quite promptly and took our orders. I ordered the almond tea (£2.95) and almond ice cream to which she replied on the spot that they literally had just sold out of that as it was a very sunny day that day. She was quick to offer recommendations and substitutes. She said she could do an Eton mess for me. Strawberries on a sunny day sounded fab. She did say a pot of tea was enough for two people however my friend and I still went and pushed for two pots of different teas.

The food and tea all arrived very quickly. I love how it came with mismatched teacups and saucers. I must mention here that although I did take pictures for my snapchat… I forgot to save them so apologies that I can’t show you how it all looked.

So first things first, the bowl of meringue and strawberries arrived with a little pot of cream on the side. I appreciated it being served like this so I wouldn’t get a bowl of soggy meringue especially since I’m always so slow at the table. It looked and sounded all very simple I must admit but oh my holy moly when I took my first bite, it was actually quite good! It wasn’t just any simple meringue, it had a sticky caramel type of thingy that had caramelised bits of the meringue. It totally added a bit of a kick to a simple classic.

The tea… oh the tea. I’m pretty sure my tea was just left brewing for about 4 minutes before I tried the tea and my friend who sat across me watched my face and she read me like a book. It was so bitter! The bitter flavours of almonds hit me like A TRUCK. Maybe I left it steeping for too long but it was only about 4 minutes! How long am I meant to leave it for? Whatever, at least I could taste the almonds.

My friend ordered the lavender cake that was on the display at the counter. I tried it and didn’t really know what to expect. The taste of lavender definitely hits you whilst still gaining some subtlety. I think they got the balance of the lavender flavours just right. Though I don’t feel like I can say anymore on this matter as I didn’t really eat much of it.

As we were finishing, the cafe was closing up and I almost walked out without paying. How embarrassing. I looked the waitress straight in the eye and just said ‘Bye!’ and she seemed really confused until my friend spoke up. Woops, forgot to pay. Anyways although the Eton mess was really nice, I didn’t expect it to be more than £5. My bill came to just under £10, and since a pot of tea was £2.95… you can imagine my confusion and slight pain when I handed over my card.

I think I would come back again because Highgate is such a cute area of London, and the high street is just a pretty place. I would try the other teas, I heard the summertime tea was nice . And maybe next time, I’ll take a gamble and just pick one of the cakes on display. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, it’s definitely scrumptious on the presentation front. I’ll definitely see you soon, High Tea of Highgate.

Here’s their cool website where you can check out their menu, though I’m sure you’ll see a bigger menu in store. It’s filled with really nice photographs of the tea room too. Check it out!

50 Highgate High Street, London, N6 5NX

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