Hannibal, Berlin

Berlin Hannibal

Starting at Revaler Straße and just walking in any direction and turning on any corner will and did take us to somewhere new. In our case it was a restaurant called Hannibal. After eating on the go, and eating street foods such at currywursts and bratwursts, I was hungry to try something a bit more sit-down-at-restaurant worthy. A waitress greeted us outside and offered us seats inside and out. Needless to say combined with the weather and my love for eating outside, I chose the outside seating. There were cute little seats, almost like the back of rickshaws with the top part to provide shade dotted around outside. They were more suitable for just enjoying a few drinks outside though. We picked a table and sat down. It was a good place to people watch as we were literally on one side of the pavement eating and there were just people walked past on the other side of the pavement.

This was a quick meal, as my friend and I were rushing back to get ready for a nearby nightclub playing live music. For drinks I chose a Long Island Iced Tea and she the mango daiquiri. My German flatmate back at uni did mention the Schnitzel, and as did our German host. So… naturally I opted for this famous Schnitzel and wanted to see what all the hype was all about.

My friend always makes the best choices, after trying some of her drink I wish I chose that drink instead. It was a sweet mango drink with a bit of a kick. I felt like my Long Island Iced Tea gave me more than a kick, it must definitely be a German thing, because all their cocktails are so much stronger than the ones I’ve ever tried in London!

My Schnitzel came with fries and a salad drizzled with a weird tasting salad dressing. From what I could see and taste, a Schnitzel is just a bit of meat covered in breadcrumbs and fried. In this case, I think it would be very easy to overcook making the meat very dry, however the meat kept its tenderness whilst being wrapped in a breadcrumb coating. To be honest, I’m not quite sure I understand the hype but it wasn’t a bad meal. My meal including drinks was probably just over €10 which I don’t think it’s very bad.

 2015-07-21 19.33.16-1
Schnitzel Wiener Art
 2015-07-21 19.33.26
Schnitzel Wiener Art With Long Island Iced Tea

I went to Germany on a school trip a few years ago and when I came back my cousin asked if I tried their sausages to which I sheepishly replied that the furthest I went for food was at a German McDonalds, how embarrassing.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware and intrigued with the foods that all the countries around can offer me.  Although I can’t help but think I just had a more expensive version of chicken and chips from London minus the grease, I’m glad I tried the famous Schnitzel to make up for lost time because at least now I can come back to you with the thoughts and opinions that I have now.

I feel like this place was better than Kingston but I’m not sure I’d go back again just because what they offered on their menu was quite standard, though the Germans seem to have a lot of Mexican influence on their menus, because I saw a lot of Mexican choices! I think if I did go back again, I’d try other nearby places instead.

Check out their website here.

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