Flappy Jack’s Pancake House Restaurant

Updates: I had a really fun packed summer holiday and now that Jan exams are over, I can update my blog a bit more! I wrote bits of this post but I never really saw it through to the end. Also the longer I kept putting it off, the more I forgot about how it tasted, so apologies that this post isn’t heavily focused on how the food tasted. However I do know that this post is long overdue so here we go…

So.. after a very long flight to Los Angeles, and after a few days of settling, my friends over in LA took us to Flappy Jack’s. What I’ve noticed after hanging out with my friends over there is that they will drive over an hour for some food and this is perceived as quite normal. That would be just sacrilege for people over in London! If my tube journey lasted for 40 minutes, I’d expect to be very far from home. Anyways we drove there for around 40 minutes and then when we arrived there was a 20-30 minute wait. Something else I’ve observed, I’ve never really had to wait long for a table in London, however it was very common over in the states. So there were outdoor seating, and I remember sitting in the shade out of the hot sun… but there was a very strong smell that hit us. I could only hope that the smell was coming from a type of manure compost on their plants and not anything else. I remember feeling amused because there was a little girl playing with the soil from the giant plant pots.

Outside seating area

The five of us were seated and greeted by a very friendly and chatty waitress. I ordered the Flappy’s favourite omelette following my friend’s recommendation and my brother ordered the Flappy’s signature pancake… because well, you can’t go to a pancake house without ordering a pancake right? One of my friend ordered the strawberry waffles, and I don’t remember what else was ordered. Back to this waitress, it seemed like she knew this menu inside out. I remember each of us saying our order, and she’d quickly shoot off the options we could pick, for instance ordering an omelette meant that I also had the choice between home-style potatoes, cottage cheese, tomatoes or a cup of fruit AND my own choice of toast or buttermilk pancakes. I was spoilt for choice. I’m pretty sure she recited it word for word, in the same order as the menu, I was gobsmacked. Anyways, I went for the home style potatoes with wheat toast. My brother went for scrambled eggs.

Flappy’s Favourite Omelette with a side of Home-style Potatoes
Flappy’s Favourite Omelette with a side of Home-style Potatoes close up
Flappy’s Signature Pancake
Flappy’s Favourite Omelette with Home-style Potatoes and Wheat Toast, and Flappy’s Signature Pancake with a side of Scrambled Eggs
Strawberry Waffle

When friends and family come back from the states, they always comment on the portions of food over in the states compared to our own portions. It was no joke. I really had to see it for myself. When the food arrived, it was insane! It was so big that I’m sure my brother and I could have gotten away with sharing a dish and we can both eat… a lot! I attempted to eat it all but I don’t think I got past 3/4 of the dish. It was well cooked, the omelette wasn’t of that awful rubbery texture, it was light and fluffy. If the eggs were poorly seasoned, I wouldn’t have noticed as it was combined and complemented by the saltiness of the cheese. My omelette consisted of ham, bacon, sausage, bell pepper and onions too, so if much salt was omitted from my dish, I don’t think I would’ve realised much. I’m not sure why my dish was garnished with an orange slice, I don’t think it added to anything taste wise or presentation wise. It’s something to think about I suppose. I remember tasting my brother’s pancake and the fruits just tasted incredibly sweet which was as expected as it seemed to be drowned in some sort of syrup to which my brother added even more since they provided more syrup. You can probably see in the pictures, my friend cut off a bit of her strawberry waffle for me to try and I remember it tasting really nice and sweet, the fluffy cream helped balanced out the sickly sweet syrupy strawberry which was really nice against the crunchy textured waffle. The ratio of strawberry to cream to waffle meant that it wasn’t too sickly sweet.

I can’t find the prices on the menu online however, I don’t recall the prices of any of the foods I ate over in America to be expensive at all considering the portion size and the exchange rate and the fact food was just so much cheaper compared to meals out in London. It was really nice of my friend to take us up there. If you want to drool, click the menu, they have pictures of foods everywhere. I wish I was back there already. You can check out their website here for all their story and details, and they even have some cool merchandise that you can purchase.

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