Brasserie Zédel Part II

So like I said in my earlier post, I’d write about my second time at this beautiful gem of a restaurant. It was my mum’s birthday and I was due to go back to university a little bit earlier to do some revision. Being at university has made me sort of conditioned to think that my family home means no work and my university home is work, so whenever I’m back at home for festive periods, I’m actually quite unproductive.

My mum wanted to go for a meal somewhere really nice, and what better restaurant than Brasserie Zédel? As soon as we walked in my very Chinese parents who are used to Chinese foods in Chinese restaurants marvelled at the glamorous French decor and how much of a romantic setting it was. With the light pinks intertwined with specks of white and gold all around the restaurant, and completed with a romantic lights. There was a pianist playing some music at his very fitting piano, we were sat on a table right at the end of the restaurant, and it was during that walk going up to the table that I got to see more of the restaurant. The table we were seated at was really nice, and it allowed for the family to have quite an intimate meal together as it wasn’t surrounded by other tables.

For starters, we ordered many! We ordered: Snails in Herb Butter, Six Escargots au Beurre Persillé (£8.75)Chicken Liver Parfait, Parfait de Foies de Volaille (£6.75), Herring Fillet with Potatoes in Butter, Filet de Hareng, Pommes à l’Huile (£5.75), Celeriac in Rémoulade, Céleri Rémoulade (£3.75). The latter was ordered as part of the fixed menu for £19.75. In my last blog post on Brasserie Zédel, I could not express how much I loved the snails in butter, it was delicious. I made sure everybody on the table tried one, the garlic-y taste really stayed in your mouth but it was fine throughout the meal. I encouraged everybody to dip the breads into the butter. I found the salty and smoked herring fish to be the perfect accompaniment to the plain potatoes alongside with the mild bite from the very thinly sliced onions. The delicate and soft celeriac was in some type of creamy mustard mayonnaise type of sauce.

Snails in Herb Butter, Six Escargots au Beurre Persillé, Chicken Liver Parfait, Parfait de Foies Volaille, Herring Fillet with Potatoes in Butter, Filet de Hareng, Pommes a l’huile, Celeriac in Remoulade, Céleri Rémoulade

For the main course, I decided to go for something different and not my usual predictable option, I chose the Alsatian Sauerkraut, Choucroute Alsacienne (£14). The rest of the family ordered the Pan Fried Chopped Steak with a Pepper Sauce and Fries, Steak Haché, Sauce au Poivre et Frites, (£9.75), Whole Seabass with a Noilly Prat Sauce, Loup de Mer Sauce, Noilly Prat (£17.75), Beef Bourguignon, Boeuf Bourguignon (Part of the fixed menu for £19.75).  I will mention now that I always love when I get to go to Brasserie Zédel but the dish I ordered was definitely not for me. If I’m being honest, it was a massive disappointment. It just seemed like it was some chopped up sausages and meat on sour cabbage. I just read some more about sauerkraut, and it seems like this is widely liked, maybe it’s just because I’m not accustomed to this.  Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t anything wrong with the meats but there was so much cabbage that it just got to the point where it was really difficult to keep going so I left quite a bit on my dish, which I hate doing! I don’t think the potatoes added anything to my dish, maybe it was to counteract the very strong taste of cabbage. The steak was nicely done, cooked how it was wanted and the fries were well seasoned. The waiter did go the extra mile accommodating my youngest brother by listening to his jokes, offering to get him ketchup and various sauces.

Alsatian Sauerkraut, Choucroute Alsacienne 
Fried Chopped Steak in Pepper Sauce with Fries, Steak Haché, Sauce au Poivre et Frites. 
Beef Bourguignon, Boeuf Bourguignon 

For desserts, I shared a Floating Island Dessert, Ile Flottante (£4.50), another one came too as part of the fixed menu, and I’m sure a sorbet of some sort was shared. The floating island dessert was so pretty to look at but it was also really yummy, with bits of chewy caramel and each bite was just so delicate, light and fluffy. Even though I was fairly full, I savoured each mouthful trying to get as much on the spoon as possible.

Floating Island Dessert, Ile Flottante

I kept trying to ask the waiter in French if he could arrange for a ‘Happy Birthday’ to be written on my mum’s dessert but to no avail as he did not understand a word of French! So I had to whisper into his ear discreetly and all was arranged! A plate came out with a tiny assortment of miniature desserts surrounding ‘Joyeuse Anniversaire’ in chocolate writing. I was impressed, all I was expecting was a ‘Happy Birthday’ to be written on the side of her dessert.

Joyeuse Anniversaire
The birthday cake I baked for my mum.

Overall, I will always always always order snails if it’s on the menu, and it’s safe to say I won’t order any sauerkraut again from this restaurant. I usually really love pickled things so I will give it a try if I ever come across it again however just not in this restaurant. Rest assured, I still am not deterred by my main course, I will be easily swayed by the starters though.

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