Le Pain Quotidien, 86 Highgate High Street, London N6 5HX


Perched on the pretty Highgate Hill Highstreet amongst all the cute little dainty cafes and stores, my friend and I walked in. We were seen to almost immediately, it was a hot and sunny day so when given the choice between sitting inside or outside, I jumped at the chance of some alfresco dining.  We were sat on a clean table by the back and by the side, next to what seemed to be a wall with a very green hedge, I feel like it’s a really nice touch for when you’re eating outside, minus the bees or wasps that circulated!

The waitress who served us was really polite and always gave us enough time to ponder over the menu and the specials summer menu. After changing my mind numerous times, the waitress was patient enough to take my order without displaying any annoyance. Hurrah!

During conversation, we heard a waitress approach the table behind us and ask if they had ordered yet, to which they replied they had. The waitress seemed concerned that they had not been given their food yet and explained that the system was down, which explained why their food was slow in coming out.

After a very long while, I decided to go with the watermelon cooler drink (£3.95) from the seasonal specials menu and the potato and chorizo frittata (£7.75) from the hot dishes part of the menu, though I was very tempted to get the fig and prosciutto tartine…. thinking about it now, that does sound much better. Our food came out quite quickly, allowed us enough time to chat amongst ourselves, I’m certain we didn’t have to wait as long as the couple behind us. Initially, looking down at the plate, I’m pretty sure the ratio of bread to any other food was 10:1. As I started chomping down, I could only see what I thought was sweet potato in the frittata… but no chorizo. I kept digging in and wondered if times were really hard that they needed to scrimp on the chorizo, and when I tasted the feta cheese, it dawned on me that it wasn’t sweet potato but was butternut squash, and I actually ended up with the butternut squash and feta cheese frittata. At first, I felt really bad and bothersome to bring it to the attention of the waitress as I had already started eating it, however my friend did point out that I wasn’t in the wrong and it was fine to do so. The waitress came over and confirmed it wasn’t my order and the one I actually ordered came out in less than 5 minutes, the chef (I’m not sure if it was him, but he was wearing what I would’ve thought a chef wore) even came out and apologised. The drink was divine and refreshing, it didn’t taste as if they just blended watermelon and served it up. I found the last few sips amazing as the mint inside it had infused into the juice, it was a really good refreshing drink to have on a nice hot summer’s day.

Butternut squash and feta cheese frittata (the wrong order)
Potato and chorizo frittata (my right order)

We finished up, and the payment was all fine and done all quickly with no hassle when we asked to pay separately.

All in all, the frittata wasn’t anything to write home about but I’d definitely recommend the drink before watermelon is no longer in season! But I’m glad the staff were so nice and not defensive about anything. Thank you if you’re reading this 🙂

You can view their menu here.

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