Sanukiya, Tokyo

I slurped to my heart’s content


Flat Iron, London

I’ve been wanting to try out the famous flat iron steak for ages! I never knew they had a branch in Shoreditch until I walked past gaping. My boyfriend and I both ordered their flat iron steak which came with salad for only £10 each. I ordered the béarnaise sauce and Lee ordered Fred’s Sauce,…

Dumpling Shack, London

I caught this amazing stall when they were still trading at Broadway Market’s Schoolyard but I have been assured that they will continue trading just around the corner, phew. Before this was announced, the uncertainty of DumplingShack’s presence in Hackney prompted myself to wake up early a few saturdays to grab some of these goodies…

Vico, London

You can’t buy happiness, but you can start off by buying deep fried pizza.

Bokit’La, London

Bokit is a Guadeloupean sandwich, fried in hot oil. I saw they had loads of dough balls lined up ready to deep fry. They fry it then make a hollow space for the fillings. This stall always seems to attract a long queue and for good reason too. You have an option of small, medium…

Gluten Free Scotch Eggs

I never knew how hard gluten free is! Everything that I eat contained gluten so when I was making scotch eggs for my colleagues at work including somebody who could not eat gluten, I was definitely running around Tesco like a headless chicken. The usual pack of sausage meat that I buy contained gluten! Who…

The Drummond, Guildford

A friend organised a group of us who lived together in first year to meet up at The Drummond for a sunday roast. Why not? I love roasts. I know two friends who have been before and they have nothing to say about this place apart from their praises. As I quickly rushed into the…

Lutong Pinoy, Earl’s Court, London

Kamayan is a Filipino way of eating with hands, usually with a base layer of rice laid on banana leaves with different meats and vegetables / salad. At this restaurant, if you want to eat kamayan style, you must book the meats that you want in advance and with a minimum of 4 people sharing….